Milestone Plan

The milestone plan is the cornerstone of all of our clients. Every client does this milestone plan the moment they are accepted into our program. It takes approximately 2 hours to complete and you will benefit by having a plan for your business that will give us the transparency and working knowledge of what resources to put around you and when to make those introductions.
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Boot Camp Intensive

Learn how to sell your business, your vision, and you. This 8 session promises to get you comfortable with articulating the value of your business and the financial numbers that impact your bottom line. Practice with experienced sales and public speaking mentors to develop your pitch for your target market, causing your sales cycles to decrease with more qualified leads.
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Financial Structuring Program

Learn how to have your business be sustainable throughout slow seasons and busy seasons. Through our financial structuring you will be educated on how to read your profit/loss statements and see what trends to be aware of and what money you’ve been leaving on the table. What opportunities you can create newly with your money?
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On Track Program

Get to know your business from multiple points of view as you create and refine your business model and value proposition. Solve problems, discover lessons, and learn from the experience of other entrepreneurs in this 12 session classroom style program. Our first session will be kicking off beginning of 2018 with limited seating.
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