By Andy Raskin

A bar of soap on the SoapAnchor

A few months ago, my wife and I stayed overnight at her parents’ house. The following morning, as I entered their shower, I noticed a bar of Irish Spring floating next to the tiled wall, as if suspended mid-air.

That was the moment I knew my father-in-law had achieved a goal he set three years earlier: designing a muck-less soap holder.

Had anyone else’s father-in-law told me he was pursuing such a goal, I surely would have dismissed him. But this was Bernie Cohen — my father-in-law — a highly respected Miami dermatologist, yes, but one whose string of successful entrepreneurial side projects dates back to when you were still in diapers.

If you’re an aspiring inventor or entrepreneur — or just fascinated by how you take a common household object and make it a whole lot better — here’s what you can learn from how he did it.


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