By Eric Johnson

It’s hard having talent. Mix in passion and an entrepreneurial spirit, and things can get even trickier.

Because now you have a choice.

Either you do what most people do: fear failure, keep that drive inside, and apply for that company job that doesn’t look too bad.

Or you can act on that talent, turn your passion into a business, and let your dream shape reality.

Dina Rodriguez followed her dream. Using a simple online shop, she’s now cashing in on her hobby by doing something she loves.

Here’s how she did it.

Turning your hobby into a career

While some worry that digital natives are sending the written script to its grave, Dina is breathing life back into the hand lettering trade.

Today, she’s a professional illustrator and hand lettering artist. And as the founder of Letter Shoppe, her work has been commissioned by companies like American Greetings and Penguin Books. How did she get there?…

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