By Francine Hardaway 

Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and how I spent my summer


I have not been involved in anything as exciting as the blockchain and cryptocurrency since I got involved with the internet in the early 90s. I first heard about Bitcoin in 2013, and I opened a Coinbase wallet and announced that I would accept payment in Bitcoin. Of course none materialized, since it was early and I was in Phoenix.But I couldn’t stop hearing about BTC from my most “out there” online friends (looking at you Thor Muller,) and on January 2014 made my first investment. I have no memory of why I chose that sum of money, which even back then did not even buy an entire Bitcoin.

I kind of forgot about it, until that summer when I was in London, and I met a man named Simon Dixon, who “took his company public,” now known as an ICOon a bitcoin exchange. He raised a lot of money for his startup that way. Along the way I learned about the underlying technology, the block chain. I learned more about that at YxYY, an unconference full of fascinating people.


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